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Vehicle tax

New vehicle tax rates: how motorhomes, kit-built and multi-stage build cars are affected

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We’re counting down to the 1 April changes to the way vehicle tax is calculated for cars and some motorhomes first registered with DVLA on or after this date. We thought we’d take a closer look at how changes to …

New motor tax rules from 2017: meeting motor retailers in Northern Ireland (NI)

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We’ve already blogged about changes to vehicle tax from April 1 and how we’ve engaged with motor manufacturers and retailers. We've done this through different activities, ranging from workshops to presentations to round table meetings. For me, the best way …

Rohan Gye in his new role as DVLA's Vehicle Service manager

How we design and deliver our services is changing. Rohan Gye, DVLA’s Vehicle Service manager tells us about his role As one of DVLA’s Service Managers Rohan, can you tell me about your responsibilities? I’m responsible for all DVLA’s vehicle …

DVLA works with the police and HM Revenue and Customs to crack down on illegal foreign registered vehicles

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car winscreen with an untaxed vehicle sticker attached

Foreign-registered vehicles being used illegally on Britain’s roads are now being seized by some police forces that have DVLA’s devolved powers. By law DVLA can give police the authority, under devolved powers, to remove untaxed vehicles. This was as a result …