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New vehicle tax rules: an opportunity for a new web service

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Back in March we blogged about the changes to how car tax is calculated from 1 April 2017.

The journey so far

Since my last blog we’ve worked closely with the motor industry to plan for the change from a technical, policy and communication point of view.

The new vehicle tax rates are based on vehicle list price. This means changing the vehicle first registration process so that we can capture the price for eligible vehicles. The automated first registration and licensing (AFRL) co-op service is owned and updated by motor manufacturers themselves and, through our joint technical forum, we’ve ensured that the required changes are understood and ready before 1 April 2017.

DVLA also provides a web-based service for manufacturers, importers and retailers who do not use the co-op service. Changes to this service and the paper service (V55s) are also under way.


We've already issued a ‘setting the scene’ message to the motor industry and more detailed messages highlighting the changes and impacts on the various sectors of the industry.

What's next

The changes needed to the AFRL service means we've a chance to look at how the current service is working and make improvements. We're reviewing the full service, using feedback from customer surveys and customer insight.

As the original web service was designed some time ago we're changing the look and feel of the service to make it easier to use. We've built a draft prototype and started the first round of insight testing to see what users thought.

We took the new service to the motor show in Birmingham and asked customers to try it out. The initial feedback was very positive:

“This is a massive improvement on the current system... I train new staff [on the existing service and] this is so straightforward it will make my job much easier.”


“Much better than the current system.”


“This will be good for the company... good for our customers.”

We also gained lots of ideas about how the service could be improved.

If you use the current AFRL web service and you’d like to get involved in helping to design the new service, email us at  We can then make arrangements for you to be involved by letting us know what you think of the service - it’s not too late!


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  1. Comment by Termite posted on

    Cars should also be taxed according to length, long cars can take up double the parking space is smaller cars. These types of cars are often owned by the wealthy who can afford to pay extra.

  2. Comment by Raj posted on

  3. Comment by Haydn James posted on

    So what are the new rules?

  4. Comment by Nikki Munday posted on

    It is absolutely ridiculous to set road tax based on car value. My reasoning behind this is simply that there could be cheaper cars which give off higher emissions than more expensive ones. I see no reason to incur massive expenses changing the way road tax is set. I can see that a grossly unfair tax system may well be heading our way - again. Leave it as it is. Lower emissions -lower road tax.