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DVLA update motor industry on digital services

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We take great pride in working closely with our stakeholders to make our services easy and clear to use.

I was delighted to accept an invitation to speak at a recent British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) webinar to talk about our V5C on Demand scheme.

The BVRLA has a big presence in the motor industry. 1 in 10 cars, 1 in 6 vans and 1 in 4 trucks on British roads are members of the organisation. 47 of their members joined us for the webinar.

I spoke about the success of the V5C on Demand scheme with over half of the companies on the DVLA Fleet Scheme using the online View Vehicle Record (VVR) service. This is a fantastic take-up so far but we want it to be better. Having a chance to speak at events such as these is a great opportunity to update our stakeholders on how we can add value to their businesses, whether it’s saving time or improving customer service or both!

The feedback was great to hear. Dave Long, a Group Contracts Manager said:

If we require a V5C it can be requested online and is with us within a few days. We are more than happy with the benefits that VVR and V5C suppression have given us. Saving us time, space and has given us an excellent working relationship with the DVLA teams.

From Georgia Buckley – MC Rentals Fleet Administration Supervisor:

The system gives us easy access to our fleet of over 2000 vehicles, any information we require is very easy to find. Along with the system being easy to use we have found the support from the fleet team second to none.

VVR and V5C on Demand are just 2 of the digital services on offer to our stakeholders. Last year alone, we introduced the 5 services below which has generated 2 million applications and a user satisfaction rate of over 90%.

Digital Service Volume of transactions Take up rate Customer satisfaction
Bought a vehicle into the trade Just over a million 21.5% 93%
Sold a vehicle out of trade 200,000 applications 10.5% 93%
Selling a vehicle privately 220,000 applications 9% 92%
Take a personalised registration off a vehicle 450,000 applications 75% 90%
Put a personalised registration on a vehicle 300,000 50% 90%

I told them that we would not rest on these achievements. Our policy is to use continuous improvement to make sure the benefits to customers continue to grow.

In the Q&A session I answered questions about the VVR service and the changes made to improve the service for users. I was also able to tell them about a new information leaflet from DVLA Fleets team to show the benefits of joining the fleet scheme.

Lastly, I told them that VED Reform will be the focus for future webinars.

We in DVLA are committed to developing and continuously improving all of our digital services to add value to our business and public customers alike. It was fantastic to be a part of the webinar and I’m looking forward to the next – watch this space!



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