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We’ve reorganised the way we work within DVLA

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How we design and deliver our services is changing.

We’ve split our Operations and Customer Services into 2 parts – Operational Delivery, and Change and Continuous Improvement. These are supported by a Service Management Office who will provide the information we need to make sensible, customer orientated changes to our business.

There will be 4 service managers within Change and Continuous Improvement:

  • Hugh Evans who will champion the needs of you our commercial customers as a Corporate Service manager
  • Dudley Ashford, will look after our driver services - as a Drivers Service manager
  • Rohan Gye, will look after our vehicles services - as a Vehicles Service manager
  • and John Hewson, will look after payment engines and identity checking - and all things common - as a Common Services manager.

The service managers’ job is to be the ‘voice’ of you our customers

Supported by service design leads and service designers, the service managers will work together as a group, each ensuring that their customers’ needs are understood in each and every change we make.

It’s not just about change though. It’s about making sure we continually improve to keep making our services better – that’s a big job, and one we can’t do on our own. That’s where you – our customers - come in.

The service managers are always going to be keen to make our business better for you. To do that, they need to listen to what you’re saying.  They will do this by working with the Service Management Office and using all the available insight, statistics and research to work out what that change needs to look like. Once they know this they're going to need help to get it done.

To get the right tools and expertise for the job - we call these ’Capabilities’ - our services managers will call on the help of colleagues from across the business. This toolbox of capabilities will contain delivery managers as well as things like data analysts, business analysts, tech developers, policy experts and accountants

Each service manager will not only be dealing with one change, but a whole range of changes and will have many blended teams, all helping to get the change done. And once the service manager has directed the teams to deliver the changes the customer asked for, this will be passed back into Operational Delivery for them to run in their day to day business.

But it doesn’t stop there. The important bit about this way of working is that it is used to continually improve. That’s where the Service Manager’s Office uses the stats from the business along with research and insight to see how the change works for you our customers – and where it can be better, this will be a continuous process.

This will make sure that all our services are Simpler, Better and Safer for our customers.

Look out for future blogs on this subject - next, we’ll be introducing each service manager and focusing on their individual roles.

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