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My thoughts on the vehicle tax changes webchat

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As we start to get closer to 1 October 2014, media coverage of the abolition of the tax disc has increased but we've still got more to do to raise awareness of the change. This week we've started to write to every vehicle keeper whose tax runs out on 30 September in the form of the V11 tax reminder to let them know about the change, and what they need to do next.  That’s around 3.5 million letters sent to vehicle keepers at the time they need to know about the changes.

As I explained in my last blog, our second communications toolkit has been produced and issued. We've also published our ‘How do I’ video which explains how the changes may impact you and your customers.

We conducted a webchat on Wednesday which proved really popular with motor dealers. A transcript of the webchat has been published on GOV.UK – take a look!

The discussions were lively and informative and were a really helpful way for us to explain the detail of the changes. We’ll be looking to arrange another web chat week commencing 15 September.

A frequent question from motor dealers who participated in the web chat was ‘what will happen to vehicles in trade that have valid tax prior to the introduction of the change’.

In a nutshell, if a dealer purchases a vehicle before 1 October, the seller of the vehicle must notify DVLA via the yellow slip (V5C/3) of the registration certificate. This action removes the seller from the record and the vehicle is recorded as ‘in trade’. The seller can apply for a refund on a V14 Refund Application form or transfer the tax with the vehicle sale.

From 1 October, the new non-transferability rules will be introduced. So, if the vehicle already has tax on it when these vehicles are sold after 1 October, any full remaining months of vehicle tax will be automatically refunded to the previous keeper on DVLA’s record when the dealer tells DVLA that they've sold the vehicle.  Any new keeper must tax the vehicle before using it on the road.

In terms of dealers with existing stock with tax discs on, if they want a refund to be paid to themselves they must become the registered keeper of the vehicle before 30th September 2014.

A further blog covering the use of trade plates, forms and obtaining tax on your customer’s behalf will be issued later this week.

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